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Dame Elisabeth Murdoch  
oil on canvas
100cm x 120cm
  “I am very happy we didn’t spoil our children and that I would consider my greatest achievement is having a very large and close family who are dedicated to helping those less fortunate than themselves.”
Autumn Song
Oil on Canvas
51cm x 41cm
  “A cup of coffee isn’t just a beverage, it is a moment of pleasure”  
Spring song
Oil on Canvas 
20 cm x 25cm 
"The silent rhythm of life is all around us if you just stop and notice….."



2011 - Richmond Glimpses

Solo exhibition "Richmond Glimpses" Cube Gallery, Richmond,

2008 - Life in the Cafe

Solo exhibition "Life in the Cafe" M16 Studios, Canberra


2005 - Women Of Achievement

Solo exhibition of 18 portraits 'Women Of Achievement', Chapel Off
Chapel, Prahran, Melbourne


Rosemary Macindoe

Rosemary Macindoe is an emerging artist based in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia.

Rosemary has had three solo shows which are showcased on this website. Her first show "Women of Achievement" was a great success with her portrait of Dame Elisabeth Murdoch a finalist in the Portia Geach Memorial Art Prize in Sydney in 2003. The distinguished subjects, including Dame Elizabeth Murdoch, came to the opening at Chapel Off Chapel in Prahran in 2005.

In 2008, Rosemary's second solo show, "Life in the Cafe" explored the joy of cafe society in Canberra where Rosemary was living for two years. Cafe society is a continuing theme in Rosemary's current work which is now in Melbourne. Rosemary has expanded her work to include the genre of the urban landscape and has work for sale from her last show "Richmond Glimpses" which can be viewed on this website as well as other artwork.

Rosemary is creating spiritual gold and you can find Rosemary drawing, photographing and painting in cafes, trams, trains and the streets of Melbourne. Each day is an opportunity for making her mark and contributing to the continual dialogue artists have with society.

Rosemary creates Art for commisions on request. Rosemary can be found at her studio in Swan St Richmond which is an exciting hub of creativity. Why not take a look at Rosemary's work on this website or make an appointment to see her work directly in person!